dinsdag 5 januari 2016


Acryl on Canvas 30 x 40 cm

Reality is Subjective and Based On Our Perspective

There were two men standing in the yard.
One man says, it sure is bright out today.
The other man says, it’s pretty dark out to me.
Who is correct?
One man had his eyes open. The other had his eyes shut.
Moral of the story? Perspective IS reality.
We don’t live our lives based on reality but rather our perception of what reality is.
Reality is subjective and based on our perspective.
This is important to remember when you are trying to persuade or convince someone who might see things differently than you do. It does no good to argue with them because what they see (or don’t see) is what they believe is real, just like what you believe you see is real too.
You won’t win them over with force, in fact you’ll likely just push them away. You have to help them shift their perspective. You first have to find out why they believe what they do and then look for opportunities to help them see things in a new way.
In other words, if you are the guy who sees the bright sky but the guy next to you sees black, arguing about who is right won’t get you anywhere. You first need to find out why he sees what he does. Once you realize that it’s simply because his eyes are closed then you’ll know you just need to help him open them up.

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